Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Lcclc - Presidential Campaign 2018 -
Open Heart! (xx)
It is easier to talk about others and very difficult for yourself!
Who am I?

My name is Antoine De Padua Ndemmanu, from West Cameroon, son of decujus patengouh mangouh boniface and my ' a mafo ngouala Lucie, my paternal grandfather was called kemkoum Paul, prince fozeumekeut and my paternal grandmother nkengoua Therese, From Fontsa Toula, my maternal grandfather the decujus sm Mathias Djoumessi, Senior Chief Foreke-Dschang and my maternal grandmother nguefack thérèse, from foreke-Dschang, born on 23 March 1960, I have done my primary education At The St-Kisito school in douala, and secondary to high school under the aegis of the Canadians, at the school Notre-Dame De Dschang, at the collège st-Laurent De Bafou, and university in villetaneuse (Paris region), in strasbourg , in karlsruhe and Hamburg with seminars and internships in Canada and the United States of America, studies with a ph. D in economics marketing option.

Which will allow me to create my first company " Trinkwasserspender kg " in Hamburg (Germany) and two others in Cameroon " Madin & co. Africa sarl " and " socapssi sas ".
I am cameroonian and proud to be and I will not change the world my cameroonian identity, notice to amateurs and not to tell the sorcerer's apprentices!!!
What happened? What happened?
In 1995, after several dreams or my maternal grandfather was always coming back to ask me to return to Cameroon and put his party back on the seal, I will decide to follow this divine recommendation, and that is how I returned to Cameroon. In 1995 and after many consultations with the people indicated, I will set up a team for the creation of du _ Kumzse, you will notice that the rdppf differs from the dprk only by a single letter the f and c, as was the Case between l' and upc with n and p.
And for the small story, after Constitution (Statute, rules of procedure, currency and emblem), we will go to yaoundé to file our file with minat (Minatd), and precisely to the political affairs directorate, we are received by Le (Deputy Director of political affairs), who after a short presentation will tell us first this :" dear brother, you come back from Germany with very ideas and initiatives why not join an existing party to make you claim and Add, there are already over political parties created....."
Our response was without appeal, and he will tell us this: " if it is the party that will come to save our country then give me your file to see....", after having been through the documents that made up the file, he will tell us that Everything is in line, but it was necessary to deposit it at the level of the préfecture prefecture since our seat is in dschang. Back to dschang we will meet the prefect of LA, who was only the current minister of public works, who reçûmes and made the slip for transmission to the minat. I left for Germany and a few weeks after 22/11/1995 the party was authorized by the former Deputy Prime Minister, the decujus andzé tchoungi.
It was an opportunity to say my aurevoirs to Germany and to return to Cameroon permanently.
Two (02) years after the creation of the party, we are going to participate in the electoral deadline for the députations in 1997 and the president of the same year and this without success. And from these elections we will be aware that it is not clear to conduct an election against this regime, and we will see that president paul biya's intentions for our country were good and worthy, but he failed to tell us what to say. To find out:
- ethical, ethical and moral
- ethical, ethical and ethical issues;
- morality, n.f. of action, of a fact, etc. To a moral. Gesture of exemplary morality. Attitude, moral conduct. Principles. A man of impeccable morality;
- moral, n.f. and values that operate as standards in society;
- discipline, n.f.. Disciplina), all rules, obligations, which govern certain bodies or communities....
- Rigueur, n.f.. Rigor), character, how to act. Who is stern, inflexible;
You will agree, Excellency, Mr President of the Republic, fellow Americans, lesdames, gentlemen, that the motto would have been:
"morality - discipline".
That today les are more integrated with love for the vision and project of President Paul biya, Les are moralisateurs, trices, adj. And n. Which gives moral lessons without self-compliance with morality, since it has only been a matter of moralisation...
It's true we can't talk about anyone. That we do not know, like all les, I see president paul biya from afar, but I do not know him, difficult then to speak of him; however I know that I was a candidate against him the 12/10/97 he had Through its discretionary power, public funds are disbursing the campaign costs for candidates declared to be eligible for this election, and I have not received what I am entitled to.....
I also know that in September 1997 mom anasthasie, the mother of President Paul biya will leave us and in November 1997, just after the presidential campaign my driver, who was driving me for a meeting with President Paul Biya (met Will never take place in nkongsamba with the death of a woman, the prosecutor of the republic at that time was only the former minister of civil service and administrative reform.
Once I get to yde, I'm going to get attached to the civil office, managed by the ex-DCC M. Belinga, who asked me to go wait for my hotel, and I have been waiting since then, he is sent to New York and again to the civil cabinet and today without employment....
To follow... in open heart! (xx-a)
God bless us!
God bless Cameroon & Africa! Amen!

Dr. Antoine de Padoue NDEMMANU