Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wake Up Call...A women's journey into the heart of Africa.

I was asked by friends to share my experiences in Cameroun, the makings of a personal Memoir.


An answer to the voice of Mother:

“I went there to help them, save them. I am the one who has been saved by her, awakened.

Africa, the dark mother who has birthed us all. We began as a species on that continent and she called me back to her heart. Her bosom. Mother.

I feel a deep connection. The music and song makes me feel such joy and contentment. I had almost forgotten amidst the haze of memories which became distorted with the pain of the experiences. What blood of Gaia flows through her veins there? What blood is spilled upon her surface, has for thousands of years? It is time to allow the wisdom of Mother to come forth. Is this what I am to share?

Will Mother speak through me? Will she reveal herself through my writing and the sharing of my own experiences? Will she allow me to assist in healing the distorted energy which pervades the Dark Continent? What does she desire to say? What connection did I make with her beating heart?

Dschang, a place built by the Germans in 1910. Foerke, the place where Royalty was born. Mama still present in her home. Rooted, immersed in her culture and identity. Can we ever understand that rootedness, that connectedness to the rhythms which beat through her? A very different perspective.

Presence. Life expressing itself in rhythm, ritual, culture. I have the energetic imprint through my soul."

Anita Lynne NDEMMANU

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