Sunday, August 23, 2009


August 22, 2009

Dear Compatriot, Dear Cameroonians!

I wish to take this opportunity to extend my sincere compliments to this wonderful initiative made possible by :

in bringing Cameroonians from the Diaspora as well as from Cameroon to share their point of view and help make the necessary changes in Cameroon possible in 2011.

We need an excellent and charismatic leader, one who can make happen what happened in 1992. If only those leaders hadn’t been corrupt! To boot, they didn’t even have a program.

I consider this forum a vital method of communication, as it will bring to the fore the best program, projects for society and platform for the Presidential elections in 2011. I encourage all of you to bring to this forum what can be sustainable as goals for 2011 and not to use this platform to simply brand people as bad or corrupt.

This forum will help us to debate the issues and to choose one candidate to face and challenge BIYA in 2011. My proposal is for you to choose ten candidates representing the ten regions of Cameroon and to invite them to come to the AMERICAN UNIVERSITY in November 2009 in Washington DC, to individually present their programs to the members of the Diaspora present. This will allow us to choose the best of the best for this crucial next step; (a campaign bus to tour all regions of Cameroon explaining our platform through the use of CDs and DVDs, print and radio media as well as talk shows, etc.).

The advantage of this unique opportunity is to explore first-hand the realities facing Cameroon and the prospects for achieving the Millennium Development Goals beginning as early as 2010.

Cameroon has largely existed “under the radar” for most members of the international community even after achieving independence, although it remains of the most peaceful and prosperous countries in the region.

Cameroon is challenged by many of the same issues as its neighbors. Each and every day the population faces complex issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, poor infrastructure, unemployment, and corruption.

In September 2000, at the dawn of the 21st century, world leaders came together to establish a global commitment to achieving responsible, sustainable change. United Nations member states established the Millennium Development Goals, eight objectives including eradicating extreme poverty, improving maternal health, and fostering a global partnership for development, among others.

I believe if we focus our energy and attention to attaining these common goals we will have no problem in removing M. Biya and his friends from their entrenched positions of power in 2011.

I submit my abbreviated platform for Cameroonians entitled “Avant project de société Camerounaise, election présidentielle 2011” to include my Government list of Posts of Ministers. I ask you to read thoroughly and give us your comments, recommendations and suggestions. This will permit us to continue training the people to become the owner of this project.

I’ve been in Cameroon for more than two years to do the job that none of you has been willing or able to do and I need your support. I need to know from each of you individually what you are willing do to help us move forward with our campaign. We need to start this next phase of our campaign as soon as possible. I don’t think that Cameroonians from the Diaspora can only help those who really are committed to our country’s progress simply by denouncing the evil of this system. It’s much more effective to focus on a positive platform which will help our countrymen and women to manifest this actually to become their reality.

Please stop with this unproductive negative stance, and begin from a place of love and understanding of each other for the mutual benefit of our children, the future generations of our Fatherland.

It is a fact; everything has a beginning and an end. Yesterday it was the system of Ahidjo. Today it is the Biya system. Tomorrow it will be another system. Let us join forces and focus our efforts to put together a program which actually fits the current situation we find in our country. It is critical for us to make sure our citizens understand and support our platform for social change, otherwise it will not work. We don’t need to only modernize and develop our Country, but to teach to our children how this will work and what to do to make sure they are able to maintain and take care of it tomorrow, after we’re all long gone.


Dr. Antoine De Padoue NDEMMANU,

Chairman of RDPF – KUMZSE

Former Candidate of the Presidential election in October 12, 1997

P.O. Box 148 Dschang – Cameroon

Phone : (237) 94 70 68 52; 74 36 01 04