Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Text of Video - SOCAPSSI-Sarl Company Mission Statement (Revised)

SOCAPSSI- Sarl Company Mission Outlined

Nature abhors a vacuum, and the first law in business is to find a need and fill it.

A gap in the application of the law nº 84/07 of July 4, 1984 amending the law nº 69/LF/18 of November 10, 1969 for Social Security has left 70% - 80% of the population of Cameroun, ineligible for subscription into the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF/CNPS); namely the informal sector. Currently, only those ‘employed’ have access to inscription into this national social insurance fund.

SOCAPSSI-Sarl was created to be a bridge between the informal sector and NSIF/CNPS (National Social Insurance Fund/Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale) giving those entrepreneurs a structure which not only conforms to the law, but permits them to contribute directly into NSIF/CNPS. Now, all Camerounians have the ability to protect themselves against the risk of accident, illness, disability and death, giving them family benefits and allowances for their children now and in the future as well as planning for retirement income. The National Social Insurance Fund program is a powerful weapon against poverty.

The intellectual basis permitting the President of the Republic to create the Ministry of Work and Social Security, came as a result of The World Bank study done in 2000, which analyzed the reforms necessary to ensure all Camerounians benefit from the law as stated below. Please see attached. (Article 03 nouveau de la Loi n°84/07 du 04 Juillet 1984 portant modification de la Loi n°69/LF/18 du 10 Novembre 1969 instituant le régime d’assurance de la pension vieillesse d’invalidité et de décès (PVID), toute personne intéressée peut s’assujettir volontairement au régime de la prévoyance sociale est donc considéré comme
assuré volontaire, toute personne ayant volontairement souscrit auprès de la CNPS toute assurance contre les maladies professionnelles ou la vieillesse, l’invalidité ou le décès).

SOCAPSSI-Sarl also addresses many of the social issues modern governments all face; namely employment of the youth and the creation of jobs. Most college graduates today in Cameroun, complete their studies receiving their diplomas only to discover that there are no jobs available for them to support their families. They consider being ‘employed’ to mean getting jobs in bureaus and or in government administrative positions. The entrepreneurial spirit is what makes any country great. Cameroun is no exception as evidenced by 70% - 80% in the informal sector. Yet many in this segment of the population are unaware of the benefits available to them through existing government structures, i.e. the NSIF/CNPS program. What is needed is a plan to introduce the informal sector to the benefits of inscription in NSIF/CNPS and this is the void SOCAPSSI-Sarl will fill by training and developing the human resources as entrepreneurs themselves. Within the first three to five years, SOCAPSSI-Sarl will create more than 12,000 ‘jobs’.

The mission of SOCAPSSI-Sarl is two fold. First to facilitate the enactment of the law stated above for enrollment into the National Social Insurance Fund by a private (marketing) company, as well as to recommend all SOCAPSSI-Sarl clients to open up bank accounts for receipt of benefits. Our clients will pay their cotisations directly to NSIF/CNPS not to SOCAPSSI-Sarl each month. SOCAPSSI-Sarl will be paid directly by NSIF/CNPS based on the number of individuals who inscribe through our company and will receive a financial guarantee from NSIF/CNPS ensuring our honorarium for services rendered is paid.
The funds to justify opening up this new market for NSIF/CNPS will come directly from the “new SOCAPSSI-Sarl clients” included in their cotisations and not from the current budget of NSIF/CNPS. This creates a win/win situation for all. By recommending admission of our clients into NSIF/CNPS to include opening a formal bank account, we will effectively be responsible for pumping much needed capital into the economic and banking systems of Cameroun. We believe that it is in this way that Cameroun can stand on its own and take control of its economic development at the national level. The methodology we utilize is direct, transparent and will be a tool in fighting against corruption.

As an American citizen, I am bound by law to the foreign anti-corruption laws of the United States of America. It is vital that SOCAPSSI-Sarl is held to a higher standard, both philosophically as well as technologically, being a model company in Cameroun in all facets of its business.

God bless all of us. God bless this initiative. God bless Cameroun and America.

Mrs Anita Lynne KULP NDEMMANU,
Directrice Générale, Gérante SOCAPSSI -Sarl