Monday, June 1, 2009

Volonte, Travail, Reussite

The “New Face of Cameroun
La « Nouvelle Face de Cameroun »
Zero Tolerance for Corruption in Government
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P.O. Box 148 Dschang - Cameroon

According to Transparency International, Cameroun is one of the most corrupt countries in all sectors, in the World. “I will not tolerate corruption in my government under any circumstance. I stand for development and against corruption, the very reason my country has been stilted in its development for more than 49 years” states Dr. Antoine De Padoue NDEMMANU, Cameroun presidential candidate in 2011. He has astutely made his battle cry: “Your Obama. The Solution for Cameroun. 2011-2018”.
The position of the new Obama Administration is made crystal clear in an article entitled Enforcement of Anti-Corruption Act in Current Economic Times written by Lauren J. Resnick and Brian K. Esser, New York Law Journal dated March 11, 2009. President Barack Obama's strong position on transparency in government and multilateralism, together with his attorney general appointee's experience with corruption investigations in public and private practice, strongly suggests that Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement -- with its promise of substantial fines and publicity -- will be a greater Justice Department priority under the new administration.” Summarized in the same article: Under the FCPA, a bribe can include money, a tangible gift or anything else of value that is offered or given, directly or indirectly, to a foreign government official. The bribery provisions prevent payments to officers or employees of foreign governments, agencies and state-owned corporations, regardless of their level of seniority in the government...”
And further, in an article by Michael Crites and David Garman dated May 20, 2009, entitled “What You Need to Know About the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” he attests “In general terms, the FCPA's anti-bribery provisions prohibit companies and individuals from making payments -- or offering or promising to pay money or anything of value -- to any foreign official with the purpose of inducing the recipient to misuse his official position by directing business to or maintaining business with the payor. [FOOTNOTE 3] The anti-bribery provisions of the FCPA apply to any U.S. or foreign company subject to the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Commission; any citizen, national or resident of the United States; any entity organized under the laws of any state or U.S. territory; U.S. persons who commit acts of bribery outside of the U.S.; foreign nationals and entities that commit an act furthering a corrupt payment in the U.S. or using the U.S. mail, wires or financial system; and U.S. and foreign agents of any of these persons or entities.”
The rationale is simple as printed in an article written by Ben W. Heineman, Jr., Corporate Counsel entitledStop Bribery Everywhere”. he presents the following,
“The reasons for energetic and uniform enforcement of foreign anti-bribery laws in the developed world are, in my view, even more powerful today than ten years ago, when the OECD convention was adopted. There has been growing recognition that bribery, extortion, and misappropriation have an insidious impact, particularly on developing nations. Corruption distorts markets and competition; breeds cynicism among citizens; stymies the rule of law; damages government legitimacy; corrodes the integrity of the private sector; and impairs development and poverty reduction. It also helps perpetuate failed and failing states, which are incubators of terrorism, the narcotics trade, money laundering, human trafficking, and other types of global crime.”
A picture speaks one thousand words. The “New Face of Cameroun”, Dr. Antoine De Padoue NDEMMANU has as his mission with political, social, economic and monetary reforms included in his political platform and agenda, to create an environment where the future, the children of Cameroun will be able to grow and thrive in their own fatherland. How will each of you contribute?
God Bless Cameroun! God Bless Africa!
God Bless America! God Bless us all!